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Selection of Materials for wired and wireless robot

For making a robot selection of materials is very important sometimes this differentiates between winning and losing.

Following are the basic materials required to make a wired/wireless robot:

  • Motors
  • Battery
  • Remote control set(only for a wireless robot)
  • Material of  Chassis


12V DC geared motors will be sufficient for most of the robots. Selection of speed (in rpm) depends on the competition. Speed also effects the torque of the motor. Generally  for dc motors as speed increases torque decreases. This can be seen in the graph below.

So if the weight of the object the motor is attached to is less than you need a high rpm motor and if the motor is attached to a heavy object than a low rpm motor(high torque) motor is required.

As rpm of the motor increases the torque will decrease and ease of handling will also decrease.

Below are the suggested motor specification according to the required or event:

  • Robot race- 500 rpm or 750 or 1000 rpm. If the race track consists of less number of turns than 750 or 1000 rpm motors will be better if it has many turns and complication 500 rpm motors will be suitable.
  • All terrain Robot- 300 rpm
  • Robot arm:- 10 0r 30 rpm
  • Robot soccer-300 rpm if its individual competition, if its a one on one event use 200 and 300 rpm motors in the same robot
  • Robot Sumo-60 o 100 rpm depending on the weight of the robot


Almost for all robotic competitions in India the voltage limit is 12 volts. So a lead acid rechargeable 12 v battery would be suitable.

If on the day of event your battery is low on charge you can connect this battery with many cells(its easier to get cells in techfests rather than a 12v battery) in parallel than the voltage wont increase but the speed at which your motors rotate will definitely increase.


Most of the techfests allow participants to use ready made remote control sets so it makes sense for you to buy a wireless remote control set rather than making one. You need to buy a RF dual frequency(both of them should be less than 56MHz) remote which can operate 6 devices(mostly motors).


In my first robot for a techfest i used a ready made chassis which was a big mistake since i was awarded -50 points for using a ready made chassis. So never buy a ready made chassis and always make your own.

For most of the events a chassis made of wood will be sufficient as operations such as drilling,hammering, polishing etc can be easily done in wood. If your robot is a flying robot than Balsa wood is th best choice

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Common robotic events in Techfests

The following are the common robotic events in most of the tech-fests.

NOTE: The name of the event may be different in different colleges but the problem statement(the task your robot is required to perform) is more or less the same.

  • Robot race- Your required to build a wired/wireless robot which can complete the track in the least amount of time.
  • Robot soccer-You have to build a wired/wireless robot which can push(not hold) some balls(usually table tennis balls) into the designated goal. This event can be individual or one on one.
  • Robot sumo-You have to build a wired/wireless/autonomous robot which can push the opponent robot out of the track which resembles the traditional sumo wrestling ring.
  • All terrain robot- You have to build a wired/wireless robot which can travel through different terrains like mud,grass,stones etc. Some events also include water in the track but the depth of the water is usually limited to about 3-4 centimeters.
  • Water race-You have to build a wired/wireless(mostly wireless) robot/boat which can travel the track which is in water in the least amount of time.
  • Line follower-You have to build an autonomous robot which can follow a line of a particular color(mostly black) and complete the track.
  • Maze solver-You have to build an autonomous robot which can solve the maze given in the least amount of time.
  • Robotic Arm-You have to build a wired/wireless/autonomous robot which resembles the human arm and has the ability to expand and pick up objects and place it at required positions.
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Robot-whenever one hears this word he/she thinks of highly complex robots like the ones which resemble humans(known as humanoids) and does our daily works or the robot used in medical surgeries. But the fact is these robots take years to build and hundreds of people need to work on this together.

This blog doesn’t deal with them but focuses mainly on building basic robots(these are stepping stones for the earlier mentioned complex robots)  for participating in technical fests across India. This blog tells you in detail the basic types of robots for these fests and best strategies to win.

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